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February 9, 2022

Apple's Products Are Getting So Expensive, Here's Why. Apple products are notorious for being insanely expensive. After mastering the art of “conspicuous consumption”, the tech company seems to be hellbent on pushing its customer's pricing boundaries. We mean this is a trillion-dollar company whose market cap is even higher than the GDP of Switzerland!
So why are Apple’s products more expensive than its competitors? Is it simply because of loyal customers who pay just to have their favorite brand’s logo on each of Apple’s luxury products? What exactly is it about Apple that makes people go insane every time the company releases a new product, with essentially the same old specs? Do you think the hype is even worth the price hikes? Does Apple like to put an unfair price on loyalty?
Curious about all that?
Well, keep watching to learn more about why Apple’s products are getting so expensive.

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