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November 21, 2021

Tesla Semi Will Destroy The Industry.

Although Tesla has been around for nearly a decade, becoming one of the biggest consumer car manufacturers in the process, a lot of you might be shocked to know that that is not what the company's main goal is.

See, from the get-go, the goal of the company is making the entire automobile industry electronic, and sure, high-end sports cars and low-end family cars are great, there is one department that the company has had its eyes set on for a while, and that is heavy vehicles, or as we call them, semi-trucks.

And it makes sense too, since the industry is colossal, earning $726 billion in revenue according to the American Trucking Association, in 2015 alone while employing a massive 3.5 million drivers.

So when the company revealed their first-ever prototype semi-truck, all fresh and clean looking with the latest and greatest of the industry, it caused a bit of a division among people, a lot of them considering it a fad, and a way of Tesla to destabilize the already great trucking industry, while other claims the thing would be a failure.

However, the truth is much different from either of those things, because the Tesla Semi is going to single-handedly revolutionize the industry, and in this video, we'll tell you exactly why.