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January 15, 2022

Ever since its world-shattering and window-shattering debut at the L.A. Auto Show, there hasn't been anything to come out that's as iconic as Tesla's very own Cybertruck. And while the design, brand heritage, and just sheer feel of the thing might say to some people that the truck is the future of 4WD vehicles, that might not be the case. Because folks, the truth is that no matter how impressive that first model was, the Tesla Cybertruck is far from being complete and anyone who's made a deposit or is in line to buy it, might be regretting the decision already. And a big part of the reason for that is not Tesla's difficulties in producing the truck but the massive competition faced by those guys. Because as it turns out, right now, there are not one, not two, but multiple alternatives to the Tesla Cybertruck that might not only be just as good, but even better than Elon's Grey Whale.
And so in this video, we're going to be taking a look at 5 of the most promising electronic SUVs coming in the future that have the potential to dethrone the Cybertruck entirely. And so to kick things off let's name the company everyone is probably already thinking about:

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