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May 11, 2022

As Russia celebrates Victory Day, the defence correspondent considers why the Russian army has performed so badly in Ukraine.

00:00 - The poor performance of Russia’s armed forces in Ukraine
00:40 - Why has the Russian army struggled in Ukraine?
02:00 - What’s behind Russia’s brutal warfare?
03:27 - Donbas: the next frontier

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Russian soldiers appear to be dying in Ukraine at a remarkably high rate:

Putin is failing in Ukraine but succeeding at oppressing Russia:

Russia’s army is in a woeful state:

How rotten is Russia’s army?

Mariupol’s outnumbered defenders refuse to give in:

Fighting has intensified in the Donbas region:

Rob Lee on why attrition will be a critical factor in the battle for Donbas:

Russia’s brutal mercenaries probably won’t matter much in Ukraine:

Artillery is playing a vital role in Ukraine:

Russian rockets are falling indiscriminately on Ukrainian cities:

The woes of the Russian war machine are big and real. Are they also temporary?

Michael Kofman, an expert on Russia’s armed forces, explains why the Kremlin will seek regime change in Ukraine:

The curious case of Russia’s missing air force:

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