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May 19, 2022

The impact of the war in Ukraine is spreading across the world — global food supplies are now threatened. The Economist’s experts consider the consequences, and discuss how the addition of Finland and Sweden will change the NATO alliance.

0:00 - War in Ukraine: the global impact
1:30 - How Ukraine's agriculture is adapting to the war
2:20 - The world depends on Ukrainian and Russian exports
4:22 - The war’s impact on global supply chains
5:10 - How Finland and Sweden will change NATO
6:15 - Putin’s response to Finland and Sweden joining NATO
7:00 - The evolution of US involvement in the Ukraine war

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War in Ukraine will cripple global food markets:

How will the war in Ukraine affect the world's food supply?

Can the world cope without Russia's huge commodity stash?

War and sanctions have caused commodities chaos:

How Russia’s war is reverberating through global goods markets:

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is causing record-high food prices:

Russia’s war is causing hunger in Asia:

Progress to eradicate global hunger is stalling:

Why an agricultural boom does not help rural America:

How tensions in Ukraine could rile Egypt:

How the invasion of Ukraine will spread hunger in the Middle East:

The war in Ukraine has caused a labour crunch on Britain’s farms:

What does it take to join NATO?

Sweden is following Finland's lead on joining NATO:

In applying to NATO, Finland and Sweden give the lie to Putin’s claims:

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