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December 29, 2021

This Company Is Secretly Beating Tesla.

Let's face it, even in today's rapidly diversifying EV market, whenever someone is talking about an electric car, you can bet that what they're thinking about is a Tesla.

However, despite this lasting fame and unparalleled dominance, a bunch of the traditional brands that have for years been jealous of Tesla, seem to be catching up.

And by far the most imposing threat to Tesla's dominance has been the Volkswagen group, who, with their brand armada of companies like Porsche, Audie, and Skoda, have actually not only caught up to Tesla but have beat them in one of the world's three major EV markets.
And so to understand how this massive shift came, what caused it, and what's in store for the future, keep watching the video till the end because we'll dive into everything from the history to sales numbers to potential outcomes.