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December 20, 2021

Paige Doherty is investing in creators and the companies that support them as a cofounder of Behind Genius Ventures, the venture capital firm she launched with Joshua Schlisser- man in March 2021. So far, the duo have begun to invest their $5 mil- lion fund into 12 core investments including Pallet (a job site for independent creators), gamified fitness startup Aviron and FYPM, a sort of Glassdoor for Gen Z. Early backers include Union Square Ventures’ Andy Weissman, Free- style’s Jenny Lefcourt, Bain Capi- tal Ventures and Tribe Capital. To help describe her dream job to her parents, Doherty published a picture book explaining venture capital, Seed to Harvest, featuring a foreword by Forbes Midas List superstar investor Ann Miura-Ko. “goal is to make venture more transparent,” Doherty says. “I want more people to feel welcome here.”

We published the first edition of the Forbes 30 Under 30 a decade ago, with one clear goal: to identify the new guard, the young innovators, trailblazers and disruptors remaking the world. That first list featured names like Kevin Systrom, whose company Instagram had only seven employees: Lena Dunham, who had yet to debut on HBO's Girls: Daniel Ek, who had just launched Spotify in the U.S.: journalist Ronan Farrow, years before he exposed Harvey Weinstein in the New Yorker: and actor Donald Glover, then mostly known as a cast member in the cult comedy Community.

Much of 2022 was being freshly created by this group back in 2012. Ten years from today, it’s a good bet we’ll all be living in a new world being imagined today by the 600 entrepreneurs, innovators and entertainers that make up the 10th Anniversary class.

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