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October 25, 2021

Joe Biden’s Cabinet looks rather different from Donald Trump’s, with more women, more people of color, more liberals—and a whole lot less money. It’s not that Biden’s bunch is poor, exactly. The president himself accumulated an $8 million net worth, mostly by writing a book and giving speeches since he departed the vice presidency in 2017. Vice President Kamala Harris is worth about $7 million, thanks in part to big earnings from her husband, a highly paid lawyer. All but 2 of the 15 officials alongside them are millionaires, by the count, and the group is worth $118 million overall. That’s comfortable, sure, but it’s the length of the Acela corridor (and then some) from the $6.2 billion combined net worth of Trump’s crew or the $2.8 billion fortune of Barack Obama’s second-term team.

His Cabiinet skews more liberal and diverse as one would expect. But as far as personal wealth goes, it's worth far less. We take a quick look at the individual wealth of each member.

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