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January 29, 2022

MacKenzie Scott, whose shoestring operation—she has no foundation and gives her wealth away in stealth—donated $5.8 billion to 500 different groups across the country in 2020. Last year, she continued giving her fortune away faster than any billionaire ever, announcing in June another $2.7 billion in gifts to 286 “high-impact” groups such as the Children’s Defense Fund and the National Council of Nonprofits—pushing her estimated lifetime donations above $8.6 billion. Then, in December, Scott published a Medium post mentioning that she’d made another round of gifts—but provided no details on who got the grants or how much she doled out. She quickly clarified that she would share details about the gifts "in the year to come." In the meantime, Forbes is only crediting her with her known, public donations.

And Scott’s ex-husband, Jeff Bezos, who has taken to philanthropy—announcing $1 billion in gifts in 2021—since stepping down as Amazon’s CEO in July.

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