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August 15, 2021

Judge Judy Sheindlin earned $47 million a year since 2012 from CBS, making her one of television’s highest-paid hosts. Since her show “Judge Judy" premiered in 1996, it has been the highest-rated courtroom program in the United States and the number one syndicated show on television, averaging more than 10 million viewers a day since 2009. She also earns about $2 million more each year for producing Hot Bench, a courtroom show centered around a panel of judges that joins Judge Judy as one of daytime’s highest-rated shows.

In 2020, Judge Judy announced she was quitting her daytime talk show after 25 years on air. Her new series "Judy Justice" will be exclusively streamed on Amazon's IMDb TV, making it the first courtroom series on a streamer. At the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit, Sheindlin opened up about her career and offered advice achieving success and finding your passion at any stage in life.

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