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March 28, 2022

Late disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s two private islands—commonly referred to as ‘Pedophile Island’—in the U.S. Virgin Islands have officially been put up for sale by his estate.

The pair of properties includes Great St. James and Little St. James. Great St. James is the larger of the islands, encompassing nearly 165 acres and situated near St. Thomas, and is fairly untouched. Little St. James, spanning roughly 72 acres, has a main residence, four guest houses, a helipad, private dock, gas station, three private beaches, two pools and a gym. The island, the same location where it was reported that underage girls were forced into sexual servitude, also has a flamingo-laden lagoon, library, cinema, and cabanas. The island also has a mysterious striped temple-like structure, and it’s unclear what the building’s purpose was.

Epstein purchased Little St. James in 1998 and Great St. James in 2016. The New York Post reported in 2019 that he was illegally building a compound on Great St. James. It’s been alleged by Virgin Islands prosecutors that Epstein brought girls as young as 11 to the islands, where he and his associates sexually assaulted the girls, The Wall Street Journal reported. In August 2019, Epstein died by apparent suicide in at a New York detention center while awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges.

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