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December 14, 2021

Jeff Bezos-Backed Company Becomes Tesla's Biggest Threat.

If there's one thing corporate people are known to be, it's eccentric, so when someone publicly humiliates them, they will bite back. But where all of might humiliate them back and call it a day, Jeff Bezos decided that he would bite back at Elon Musk, by ending the dominance of Elon's biggest achievement: Tesla.

And the way he is planning to do that, we think that he might just succeed.

So strap in because today we are covering the start of what might be the biggest automotive feud in history: Elon's Tesla vs Bezos's trusted partner Rivian.

Now, their feud goes back years, centered on their competing space travel ambitions. Bezos' Blue Origin has been fighting NASA over the agency's decision to contract with Musk's SpaceX to build a lunar lander intended to take humans back to the moon.

Now they’ll be competing in the electric vehicle space too, as Bezos throws his weight behind Rivian, the hand-picked contender he believes can take on Tesla. The company has already surpassed Volswagen's market capitalization to become the world's third-largest car company, all without selling a single-vehicle.

This company, the shockingly young startup called Rivian has an interesting history, and more importantly, is not trying to be another Tesla, but has its own strengths that Tesla simply can't compete with, so let's dive into what each company has to offer, what that means, and where it will take the EV industry as a whole.