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January 18, 2022

Inside Tesla's Massive $13.5 Billion Gigafactories.

"A machine that makes other machines" is what Elon Musk called the greatest production plant of current times: the Gigafactories. What are these monstrous industries and why are they so important, not just to Tesla but for the tech industry as a whole, why are they the future, and what more promises does Elon have in store for us, stay tuned to find out.

Now, first up, what does the word Gigafactory actually mean? As we know, Giga is a unit of measurement meaning "billions". The owner of Tesla, Elon Musk coined this term as he laid the foundation for the first of his production unit. But now, this description is used to cover massive scale production units that are built in stages and promise efficient, low-cost electric batteries in a very short time. Elon can call dibs on the name, however, since almost everyone in the technology and automation industry refers to his production units as the Gigafactories.

Up next, how many Gigafactories are there and where? Let's take a look
Though Tesla has production units all over the place, a few of its completely autonomous units are referred to as Gigafactories. How about we start on them chronologically?