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November 18, 2021

Economic recovery from covid-19 is deeply uneven around the world. The experts answer your questions about the problems facing the world economy and the actions governments could take.

00:00 - The problems with the global economy
00:34 - Will there be hyperinflation?
02:26 - What’s behind labour shortages?
04:12 - Disrupted supply and demand
05:20 - Economic policies to tackle climate change
06:00 - Uneven global recovery from the pandemic
07:05 - How vaccine roll-out impacts the economy
08:07 - Is global economic inequality increasing?

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Is the world economy entering a wage-price spiral?

How the pandemic became stagflationary:

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Do pandemics normally lead to rising inflation?

Does anyone actually understand inflation?

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Vaccine inequality will cost money as well as lives:

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