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October 24, 2021

Forbes put its crackerjack team of fictional wealth investigators to the task of calculating Logan Roy’s net worth. The vast majority of that comes from his 36% stake in Waystar Royco, worth $16.4 billion. He’s already lost a chunk of the firm thanks to his divorce from Lady Caroline Collingwood: the English noblewoman and mother to Kendall, Roman and Siobhan owns 3% of the firm, worth about $1.4 billion.

Beyond the Waystar Royco stake, the Roy empire includes at least $345 million in real estate across New York, England, Malibu and New Mexico, $50 million in planes and helicopters, the $130 million yacht and a 50% stake in Scottish soccer team Hearts. Forbes also conservatively estimates the Roys hold at least $1 billion in cash and other investments.

Commenting on the extent of Logan Roy’s power, his longtime friend and Waystar Royco’s former COO Frank Vernon called him a “pal to prime ministers” and “a truth-teller to presidents.” Vernon’s successor (and Logan’s youngest son), Roman Roy, was more blunt: “He can do whatever he likes. He’s like a human Saudi Arabia.”

Valuations were based on information in seasons 1 and 2 of Succession, along with real world research based on real estate values and stock market prices. Representatives for HBO and the Succession production staff accepted questions from Forbes about the Roy family’s net worth and assets, but did not comment as of press time. For the valuation of Waystar Royco, Forbes used the average of two stock prices shown in the show, in Season 1 Episode 3 and in Season 2 Episode 2. We also took note of references to the family’s stake in Waystar and the company’s market capitalization. Tom Beadle, media analyst at UBS, also consulted on the valuation of Waystar Royco. The value of the Solandge yacht was provided by yacht valuation experts VesselsValue.

Read the full story on Forbes:

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