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March 17, 2022

From combating climate change, to curing disease, to creating designer babies, gene-editing technologies have the potential to transform lives. What risks do they pose?

00:00 - Gene editing: risk v reward
01:06 - Cavendish bananas are under threat
03:47 - GM crops have a bad reputation
05:18 - GM mosquitoes could reduce transmissible viruses
07:50 - Ethical concerns around genetic interventions
09:30 - Editing genes with CRISPR
10:57 - CRISPR could cure sickle-cell disease
12:31 - Controversial applications of CRISPR
15:23 - Could gene editing lead to designer babies?
16:20 - Germline editing is causing international outcry
18:37 - CRIPSR could revolutionise agriculture and combat climate change
21:11 - Using genetic editing to rescue wild populations
23:30 - Gene editing may transform life on earth.

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