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April 1, 2022

For as long as elections have taken place someone has tried to predict what might happen. From polls to prediction models, uncertainty is always inevitable. What’s the best way to do it?

00:00 - What’s the best way to predict elections?
00:48 - How were elections predicted in the past?
02:36 - How do modern day polls work?
04:32 - Why polls miss the mark
07:14 - How does statistical modelling work?
08:30 - The French election model

See the data behind The Economist's French election model:

Find out french election coverage

Will Emmanuel Macron win a second term?

“Covid, heating bills, crime—that’s what people will be voting on”—our French-election series begins. Listen

How we forecast the French election:

The Economist’s election modelling should cheer Emmanuel Macron:

America’s battle over election laws:

In France’s election young people are all over the map:

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