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September 22, 2022

Each week, we spotlight one business that's inspired us from those nominated by our audience. Today, meet A unique takeout and delivery business providing pizzas inspired by specialty sushi rolls to the Vancouver area.Take aways from Pivot: In the early days of the pandemic, a group of young cousins realized that if they wanted opportunities during lock-down, they were going to have to make their own. Out of their boredom, Kozu Sushi Pizza was born. They realized there was a market for this unique offering that hadn’t made its way to Vancouver yet. With everyone still ordered to stay at home, it was the perfect time to take advantage of ghost kitchens to make their dream a reality. 🍣 Product: The wide array of pizzas could challenge any brick and mortar restaurant. Whether you’re looking for classic concoctions or something more extreme like a pizza topped with cabbage and squid, there are surprises in every offering. You can tell that each pizza was expertly developed by chef Le Nguyen.🍣 Branding: The novelty aspect of sushi pizza makes it an interesting business option alone, but combined with their very unique brand direction - it feels like a can’t miss. Leaning into nostalgia, there are pizzas named after Pokemon characters and offers that play off of the Ninja Turtles. The amusing aspect of the product is certainly carried through the rest of the business strategy in an engaging way, hitting right as ’90s nostalgia is making a huge comeback. We can’t wait to watch you grow,
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