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November 6, 2021

Elon Musk is the most recognizable self-made, tech billionaire in the world today. He has been hailed as the real-world Tony Stark! Not only is he at the cutting edge of 21st-century technology. But, as of this video, he is also the richest man in the world, according to Forbes Real-Time Billionaire List.
Elon owns approximately 48% of Space X. A company revolutionizing the commercial space industry and leading the charge in making human beings a multi-planetary species.
He also owns 23% of Tesla Motors. A company that probably needs no introduction. In the last decade, Musk and Tesla have come to dominate the Electric Car market.

In the last year alone, Tesla’s Market Capitalization has grown from US$ 100 Billion in Jan 2020, to US$ 1.12 Trillion as of 30th October 2021!
This makes Tesla Motors, the largest automaker in the world in terms of valuation. Surpassing legacy companies like Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, and BMW combined!

This made think, what does Elon Musk have to say about his competitors and the future of the EV market?

Stick around as we take a look at some of Tesla’s main competitors and Musk’s opinion about them.

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