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March 7, 2022

A Day In The Life of Elon Musk's Employees. There is very little doubt that Elon musk loves his work, with him being a famously accomplished workaholic and all. Elon has displayed time and time again his confidence in the companies he’s founded and the employees he’s hired to help run it, they did catapult him to the position of the richest man in the world after all.

I can’t help but wonder, and I’m sure can’t help it too, how would it feel to work for THE Elon Musk, driving humanity forward at companies like Tesla or Spacex?

Fortunately, we won’t need to wonder much longer, not only are there more than enough employees ready to spill the deets about working for Elon, I’m about to give you the inside scoop on the Daily life of Elon Musk’s employees.

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