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January 2, 2022

Never a dull moment for the rich and the famous, and 2021 was no exception. We watched Rihanna and Kim Kardashian West become billionaires. Conor McGregor came in as the top-earning athlete of the year. We tracked just how much Jamie Spears was making off of Britney's conservatorship and dove into the Nike scandal. We toured multimillion dollar homes in America and Europe and spoke with some of the world's biggest names in entertainment and luxury. From metaverse concerts to in-person interviews, these are the top lifestyle stories of 2021.

0:00:00 The Miley Cyrus Forbes Cover Interview
0:03:32 Miranda Cosgrove Is Back In Business
0:05:48 How Etsy’s CEO Is Building The Anti-Amazon
0:09:56 The Largest Collection Of Comic Books In The World
0:14:32 How Call Her Daddy's Alexandra Cooper Turned Content Into To A $60 Million Contract With Spotify
0:17:01 Turning $350 Into Multimillion Dollar Success: Eileen Fisher On Building A Business
0:20:26 Carat & Co. Defines Luxury In Flushing
0:26:31 Jack Harlow: "I'm About To Be The Biggest"
0:28:46 How Shonda Rhimes Increased Her Multimillion Dollar Earnings Power With Shondaland
0:33:06 The $35 Billion Flavor And Fragrance Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
0:37:46 This Entrepreneur Created A Company So Content Creators Can Get Paid Directly
0:39:53 How Julie Wainwright Built The RealReal To Be A Billion-Dollar Business
0:44:54 Devin Booker: The Forbes Interview
0:47:03 This Roman Villa Could Be The Most Expensive Home Ever Sold At $532 Million
0:54:22 Conor McGregor Is The Highest Paid Athlete In The World
0:56:03 Kim Kardashian West Is Officially A Billionaire
0:58:45 How Friends Generated More Than $1.4 Billion For Its Stars And Creators
1:00:47 Inside The Secretive World Of Billionaire-Owned Water
1:05:24 Why This Billionaire-Owned Thoroughbred Horse Farm Is Worth $400 Million
1:11:49 How Much Has Jamie Spears Earned From Britney Spears' $60 Million Dollar Fortune?
1:13:57 Bill Gates Owns One Of Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks. How Much Is It Worth?
1:20:57 Why A High-Level Nike Executive Resigned Because of Her Sneaker Selling Son
1:23:02 How Rihanna Became A Billionaire
1:26:02 How Guy Fieri Became The Highest-Paid Chef On Cable TV
1:29:08 HBO's Succession Billionaire: How Much Is Logan Roy Worth?
1:31:15 How A Public School Beat Harvard And Yale To Become The Best College In America
1:36:50 The $1.6 Million Video Game Collection Is The Largest In The World
1:41:22 How Kris "Swagg" Lamberson Turned Gaming Into A Multimillion Dollar Career
1:43:29 The Most Profitable Concerts Now Take Place In The Metaverse

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