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December 26, 2021

The pandemic sparked a surge of entrepreneurship and innovation, and helped push some established startups to the next level. Take a look back at some of the favorite entrepreneur videos from the past twelve months.

0:00:00 Meet The World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire: Austin Russell
0:05:26 Meet Tony Khan: The Billionaire Behind All Elite Wrestling
0:12:36 The Richest Person Under 30 In The World Wants To Give His Fortune Away
0:20:03 How One Entrepreneur Left Amazon To Help Others Expand Their Online Sales
0:22:!8 Inside The Barbershop App Worth $750 Million
0:29:09 This Entrepreneur Is Building The Netflix Of High School Education To Fix America's Education Problem
0:31:11 How Dr. Laura Stachel Turned A Career Setback Into An Entrepreneurial Endeavour
0:35:22 How Michael Smith Built A $14 Billion Natural Gas Plant In Texas
0:44:01 Venture Capitalist Tracy Chadwell On How She Cornered The "Silver Tech" Market
0:47:38 Meet The Entrepreneur Who Wants To Make You Great At Your Job
0:49:51 Bulbrite's Million Dollar Success Is A Family Affair
0:55:31 This College Professor Became An Overnight Billionaire Fighting Covid
0:58:04 "Not Every Girl Can Afford A $700 Dress" - Queenly Founder Brings The Subscription Model To Pageant Wear
1:00:14 How Julie Wainwright Built The RealReal To Be A Billion-Dollar Business
1:05:15 Panda Express Is The Biggest Mom & Pop Chinese Restaurant
1:11:52 Turning $350 Into Multimillion Dollar Success: Eileen Fisher On Building A Business
1:15:15 How Tory Burch Pivoted Her Brand During The Pandemic
1:21:16 "The System Is Failing Us" - This Mental Health Entrepreneur Is Prepared To Change That
1:23:30 Meet The Next Billion-Dollar Startup That's Revolutionizing Nurse Staffing
1:27:12 This Entrepreneur Wants To Make Menstruation Products Free In Every Bathroom
1:29:20 Carat & Co. Defines Luxury In Flushing
1:35:24 How Two Entrepreneurs Created The First Federally Regulated Event-Based Trading Exchange In U.S. History
1:37:32 Elon Musk Got Rich From Tesla But What About The Other Founders?
1:41:54 This Actress Turned Entrepreneur Left Broadway To Bring Vietnam's Coffee Culture To America
1:49:06 This Entrepreneur Built A Multimillion Dollar Company So That You Can Find The Right Doctor
1:52:00 Winklevoss Twins Talk NFT’s And The End Of Social Networking As We Know It
1:55:46 This 23 Year-Old Is Building A Venture Capital Firm For An Equitable Generation

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