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October 26, 2021

Announcing The Tesla Van: Everything We Know.

Nowadays, the name Tesla has become ubiquitous for the electric car, and although they definitely did not invent the technology, that itself being at least a hundred years old, they are the ones responsible for making them a feasible reality.

That is thanks in large part to the company founder and real-life Tony Stark's dream of making an EV world.

And so after decades of building up, the company seems to be fulfilling that dream quite well, with their luxury cars, SUVs, Semis, and even the new Cybertruck. But the company still seems to be avoiding one particular market, the public transport one.

But that all changes now, as Tesla has finally put forward their plans to get into the business, particularly with the development of their own electric van, and being Tesla, it is sure to be something special.

So if you're interested in that and want to learn more, keep watching this video as we will tell you everything we know about the upcoming Van, from what Tesla plans for it to when we can expect it.

So without any further delay, let's jump in.